Greetings one and all,

My apologies for not updating frequently.  On any given day, my life – personal, creative and otherwise – is not that interesting to report and I believe in reporting on things that are worth reporting.  There are a few things I would like to address.

You can connect with the project through Facebook and Twitter.

There’s also a basic artist page set up in the following sites: Discogs, iLike, Last.fm, MySpace, PureVolume, ReverbNation.

There is a channel on YouTube where any future videos will be posted as well as high quality versions of the complete TSM discography thus far.

And of course you can purchase music at many of the major digital music sites and Bandcamp.

I still have plenty of physical CDs of The Singles Volume 1 and look here for purchase information.

Thus I raise a glass for the conclusion of 2011 and the arrival of 2012.

All the best, DP

~ by djproject on 27 December 2011.

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